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Key Performance Areas

Overall Purpose of the Job:

(State briefly why the job exists)

To deliver Technical and Market expertise in the designated product line whilst executing the introduction of new products and services within the Region to ensure Product Line profitability is maximised.   Position reports to the Region Director with functional reporting to the relevant Product Line Director.
Principal Accountabilities:

(Describe the important end results of the job, i.e., what has to be achieved and why. Start with the most important and number each one separately))

1.Provide input into the development of a 5 year strategy for the Product Line within the Region and ensure execution of same.
2.Propose new products and service requirements and introduce within the Region based on first-hand knowledge of customer needs.
3.Establish operational standards for the Product Line to enhance product/service integrity and ensure these effectively communicated to the Region Team and adhered to.
4.Provide Technical input to contracts/tenders within the Region.
5.Establish Strategy and Identify Targets for the Product Line within the Region, reporting the progress against targets to both Region Teams and Global Product Line Head.
6.Evaluate operational practices and needs within region for application of existing of assigned products and services and / or identify need for new products and services within the Region.
7.Ensure compliance with legislation in all operating locations and also with the Company’s Code of Conduct.
8.Coordinate with region team, particularly region business manager’s to develop goals and assessment of product line operational managers and coordinators.

(Show job titles and under c), indicate briefly the purpose of each job))

a)    Immediate Supervisor(s)Line:Region Director
Function:PL Director
b)   Other jobs reporting to the same supervisor:Region Finance, Region HR, Region HSEQC, Area Management teams
c)    Immediate Subordinates:As required

(Record any significant quantities on which job has some effect, e.g. budget or turnover, records processed, employees supervised. Where appropriate, express annual figures and indicate the year to which they relate.

Job Context and Main Activities:

(Outline the context in which the job operates and record the types of activity involved in achieving principal accountabilities:

The job operates within the SWA region, based in Accra, with travel as required to support Regional locations and occasionally Aberdeen or other Expro locations.  Activities include providing technical client-facing support (through written material and client presentations / meetings), leading the introduction of new services / products and facilitating their establishment within the Region locations, leading technical reviews and meetings, documenting / communicating technical activities throughout the Region, and being the focal point for central technical, engineering and marketing teams. Site visits to client operations, manufacturing vendors, test facilities and operational bases are part of the role, and then making use of this first-hand knowledge for the advancement of Expro’s services.
Decision making Authority/Level of Supervision Required:
Minimal supervision required once high level activities are agreed with the Region Director.

(Who are the job holder’s most important contacts and for what purpose? Consider both external and internal contacts, excluding immediate supervisor and subordinates, but including personnel at other locations , if appropriate)

Region Director                                        Strategy, direction and high-level planning of activities

PL Director                                                 Strategy, direction and high-level planning of activities

Region Finance Manager                        Business planning (especially as regards new business initiatives)

Area Managers                                          Working as a team to deliver Region / Area objectives

Other Region Technical Managers        Collaboration of efforts, cross-training, support

Region Sales                                             Priorities, focus of support efforts, allocation of support resources

Operations Managers                              Support Excellence in Operations plans, technical support, investigations, introduction of    new products or services to the field, case studies, feedback, innovations, improvements etc.  Technical support / guidance for equipment compliance issues.

Group Engineering                                  Utilisation of Engineering resource, input to peer review, setting functional specifications

Job Challenges:

(Identify the most complex or demanding aspects of the job)

Managing the expectations of internal colleagues and external clients alike, while delivering business results across all service lines.
Job Knowledge and Qualifications:

(Indicate minimum knowledge and essential background qualifications necessary to perform the job competently)

Strong Technical background in designated product line – minimum 10 years

Sound commercial knowledge and an understanding of financial principles.

Self Starter, capable of working on own initiative.  Incumbent must also be a Team player.

Excellent communication and presentation skills

Strong HSEQ, Sales and Marketing and Leadership experience.


(Technical skills, behavioural competencies, specialized  training or Defined Competencies as outlined in Expro Competence & Training System)


TechnicalAchieve and apply a competent level of technical and/or professional skill or knowledge relevant to role

·          Keeps up to date; stays abreast of current developments and trends in all relevant technical/professional knowledge areas

·          Accomplishes technical tasks to the role with minimal need for guidance or instruction

·          Demonstrates competence in the application of technical/professional activities to meet or exceed agreed business/industry standards

CommercialDemonstrates understanding of the wider business implications of decisions aiming to achieve value and maximise opportunities

·          Contributes to organisational goals by recognising, utilising and creating opportunities

·          Formulates decisions considering both the company and the customers’ perspective

·          Demonstrates awareness of the need to combine efficiency, cost-effectiveness, customer care with a knowledge of the market place in which the company operates

·          Strives to improve organisational performance whilst satisfying stakeholder needs

·          Factors influences in the internal and external environment into decisions and actions

FinancialDemonstrate understanding of financial ratios, metrics, terminology, financial statements

·          Understanding of financial metrics and ratios that are utilized to measure company / product line performance

·          Understanding of income statement, profit and loss reports

·          Understanding of balance sheet items relative to product line, including both cash and non cash items

Customer-orientedAttentive and responsive to customer concerns

·          listens to and anticipates the needs of the customer

·          adjusts own schedule to put customer needs first

·          responds quickly to customer problems

·          initiates informal meetings to build relationships

·          puts aside personal issues in favour of customer satisfaction


Strategic ThinkingConsiders internal and external forces; develops alternatives and delivers actions that are aligned

·          Defines and adapts long-term plans to meet business priorities and objectives, recognising opportunities, risks and challenges

·          Connects day-to-day operations to the strategic direction of the business

·          Anticipates stakeholder responses when establishing future business priorities

·          Uses knowledge and understanding of external and internal influences to effectively develop plans

·          Develops contingencies and shapes/re-shapes plans to anticipate and manage the impact

Team WorkingWorks well with a diverse or multi-disciplinary group to achieve a common goal

·          Promotes team ownership of projects and avoids personal control

·          Provides unsolicited assistance to team members, and asks for help when needed

·          Is open to others’ ideas and encourages their contribution

·          Balances personal gain with group goals

·          Collaborates rather than competes or acts autonomously

Safety  AwarenessIdentifying and correcting conditions that affect employee safety; upholding safety standards

·          Identifies safety issues and problems to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for self and others

·          Takes corrective action to improve safety and security procedures; enforces safety regulations and procedures

·          Monitors safety or security issues after taking corrective action and ensures continued compliance

Integrity / ComplianceInstils mutual trust and confidence; behaves in a fair, honest and ethical manner toward


·          Displays the ability to work ethically according to professional and company values

·          Assumes responsibility for own behaviour and actions

·          Treats others with dignity and respect

·          Respects confidentiality and considers risk

·          Adheres to Company Code of Conduct

Job Features

Job CategoryBusiness
Job CategoryFeature description
Job TypeFeature description
Working Experience2 years’ experience
Educational LevelDegree/HND
Salary RangeNegotiable
QualificationMembership of a Professional body will be an advantage

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