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BYF, focuses on the trends of competitive and constant moving business environments of this era, with gained adequate understanding of our client needs in order to meet various industry demands. This has driven us to mould our services to focus on divisions wrapped around the following sectors

The Hospitality industry is one of the most diverse one. Over the years of successful operation, we have placed several industry professionals in different levels such as services to front office, administrators to Kitchen and key Management, we have handled some pre-opening recruitment assignments with full success to deliver on time.
As part of our services, BYF in liaising with various health institutions, such as Pharmacies, Hospitals, Clinics and a few others. We are known for placing health workers of various qualifications and position as either regular full-time or part time health workers (Locum) as this sector continuously to grow. We provide payroll support services to some hospitals.
Africa is well vested in these areas and as such has lots of the populace with several qualifications and experience in these sectors. With access to huge data base of manpower, we sit very crucial to support all our clients with numerous demands of these skilled workforce. From Mechanical engineering, Mine Pit supervisors, to all the labour in the construction field.
Working with clients in this sector have helped us to source the most suitable candidates with corresponding requirements be it Large or Small Format retail, FMCG ,Trading, Marketing and Sales to distribution operations, Spare parts, and warehouse management.
One of the major sector undergoing high growth in the country, where we have to harness on key needed skills from permanent recruitment to contract staffing to outsourcing. Having access to Africa’s huge manpower data of specializing in engineering, procurement, construction and installation of floating production systems including Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO), Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO), Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs), Production Semi-Submersibles, Floating LNGs (FLNGs), Mobile Offshore Production Units (MOPUs) and other personnel who will meet the challenges of various types of gas production floaters and crew management of vessels.
While working with a client in this sector, the manager asked a question, what makes a brand developer different? A brand developer first views every brand through the customer’s perspective. They believe a brand is an equity and should be dynamic. With current trends in this sector we are able to support in terms of contract staffing, campaign developers, graphic designers etc. in and out of the Country.
Technology is a key factor in every aspect of development in every institution. As such we go the extra length while searching and talking with Tech professional. While working with Cobalt partners we realized they were keen on not only experience but versatility and the willingness to learn, professionals with attention to details with business intent and that’s been some key points to look for while connecting with IT professionals
As consumer needs and uses change, so too, must finance. BYF with its strong network, data base and search tools, we have the capability to get right professionals from Accounting to Finance management, to insurance, to Investment, you are always covered! Outsourced management of cashiers, sales force with training, and others.
Institutions looking for support in staffing, need to connect with us to access short-listed, ready and prepared professionals. Talk to us.
The manufacturing industry in Ghana accounts for about 25.3% of total GDP. However, Ghana's industrial production is rising at a 7.8% rate, giving it the 38th fastest growing industrial production in the world due to government industrialization policies. BYF aims at been part of the countries rising production rate, through an effective staffing process. Providing manpower outsourcing to biscuit companies, poly-plastics, wire weaving, and other companies.