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Key Performance Areas

OVERALL PURPOSE OF JOB  (State briefly why the job exists.)The Expro Group operates with a balanced management team specifically selected to insure that all aspects of business, both current and future, are represented at the highest level.  The Director of Marketing and Development is responsible to the Group Board of Directors for the overall strategic direction of the core product lines.  This requires vision and a broad understanding of market drivers which effect the Expro Group’s future in the upstream hydrocarbons industry.
PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES (Describe the important end results of the job, ie what has to be achieved and why.  Start with the most important and number each one separately.)1          Accountable for the Overall Management of Group Development Engineering  This process includes verification of development engineering plans for new technology presented by Group Marketing Managers for their specific technologies.

2          Accountable for the Global Strategic Direction for Group growth initiatives which can be derived by:

(i)         Organic Investment – Development Initiatives

(ii)         Geographic Expansion – New Locations

(iii)        New Technology Initiatives – Acquisition or Alliance.

3          Sponsor of New Market Initiatives to deliver growth.  Initiatives which can be delivered by:

(i)         Relationships such as Alliances with other Service Providers in our sector

(ii)         Acquisitions of Synergistic Companies to increase Expro’s market position.

4          Group Marketing Support Spend and Effectiveness  Overall responsible for total Group marketing spend and quality.  This extends to global corporate standards relating to identity of product lines, global exhibitions and product line literature.

5          Accountable for the Approval of Group Press Releases and general PR which may have an effect on company perception.

6          Consultancy to Regional Directors for new Regional Group initiatives which require Board approval.

7          Chief Advisor to Group Board of Directors on major factors which may effect Group Business Performance.  Such factors may be both global and local:

Oil Price Stability

Client Corporate Plans

Gas Markets

New Technology Impact

Competitor Initiatives.

ORGANISATION  Show job titles, and under (c) indicate briefly the purpose of each job.(a)        Immediate supervisor(s) Line:                 Group Chief Executive Officer

Function:          None

(b)        Other jobs reporting to the same supervisor

Group Chief Operating Officer, Director of Finance, Director of Business Development

Group Technical Director, Group HSEQC Manager, Group HR Manager

(c)        Immediate subordinates

Group Marketing Managers

Group Marketing Co-ordinator

DIMENSIONS               Record any significant quantities on which the job has some effect, eg budget or turnover, records processed, employees supervised.  Where appropriate, express annual figures and indicate the year to which they relate.As described in Principal Accountabilities.
JOB CONTEXT AND MAIN ACTIVITIES                Outline the context in which the job operates, and record the types of activity involved in achieving principal accountabilities.The Director of Marketing and Development is a Senior Executive position within Expro.  As such the Principal Accountabilities relate to growth and strategic direction.  To be effective requires close contact with his Marketing team, fellow Group Executives and Regional Directors.  New strategic initiatives need to be properly constructed, documented and sponsored at this level.  This requires an excellent understanding of future market trends which will effect Expro and knowledge of Expro’s position relating to such trends.
DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY/LEVEL OF SUPERVISION REQUIREDMinimal supervision required.  Senior Executive position.
RELATIONSHIPS         Who are the job holder’s most important contacts and for what purpose?  Consider both external and internal contacts, excluding immediate supervisor and subordinates but including personnel at other Expro locations if appropriate.Group Chief Operating Officer for regional operations strategy.

All Region Directors for local market knowledge and strategy development.

Group HR Manager for all HR strategies including Training.

Group Technical Director for technical strategy verification.

JOB CHALLENGES      Identify the most complex or demanding aspects of the job.Measure, understand, analyse and develop Group strategic direction against market factors.  Such strategies should be sponsored through the Group Board for implementation within Expro.
JOB KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE              Indicate only the essential background qualifications, education, skills AND aptitudes, specialist training and experience necessary to perform the job competently.Oil industry technical background with proven management capability at a senior level.  This should be coupled to exceptional interpersonal skills.


Job Features

Job CategoryBusiness
Job CategoryFeature description
Job TypeFeature description
Working Experience2
Educational LevelDegree/HND
Salary RangeNegotiable
QualificationMembership of a Professional body will be an advantage

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