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Key Performance Areas

Overall Purpose of the Job:

(State briefly why the job exists)

To operate Cased Hole Services (Electrical) equipment, on location, in a professional, competent and safe manner in order to satisfy the clients requirements.
Principal Accountabilities:

(Describe the important end results of the job, i.e., what has to be achieved and why. Start with the most important and number each one separately))

1.To take reasonable care to prevent harm to themselves.
2.To consider the potential for harm to others or the environment that may be caused by their acts or omissions.
3.To work in accordance with information and training provided.
4.To refrain from intentionally misusing or recklessly interfering with anything that has been provided for Health, Safety and Environment reasons.
5.To report any hazardous defects in plant, equipment and workplace, or shortcomings in the existing controls, to a responsible person without delay.
6.Not to undertake any task for which authorisation and/or training has not been given.
7.To work in a safe, responsible and cost effective manner.
8.To successfully operate and to have sufficient working knowledge of Cased Hole Services (Electrical) equipment that you are required to use.
9.To fully comply with the company’s Quality Assurance and Health and Safety Systems.
10.To pack and loadout equipment in a correct and efficient manner.
11.Compile end of job report to required standard in a timely and efficient manner.
12.To produce instrument performance reports and equipment status sheet on completion of the job and ensure they are copied to the Maintenance Supervisors.
13.Communicate to Line Supervisors/Managers any concerns, suggestions, ideas and improvements.
14.Remain fully informed on software changes, tool upgrades and recent operational problems.
15.Establish good rapport with onsite client engineers.
16.Assist in the base, making reports, packing kits etc. when required.
17.To remain alert to onsite opportunities for providing other group services.
18.To be available for work at short notice when required.
19.To be available for overseas work when required.
20.Attend pre and post test Client meetings when required.
21.To train other engineers in specific areas of your expertise when required by the Operations Supervisors/Managers.

(Show job titles and under c), indicate briefly the purpose of each job))

a)    Immediate Supervisor(s)Line:
Function:Senior Operations Supervisor
b)   Other jobs reporting to the same supervisor:None
c)    Immediate Subordinates:None

(Record any significant quantities on which job has some effect, e.g. budget or turnover, records processed, employees supervised. Where appropriate, express annual figures and indicate the year to which they relate.

Expected to be on contract to our customer for 180 days per year, providing a 95%+ tool success rate.
Job Context and Main Activities:

(Outline the context in which the job operates and record the types of activity involved in achieving principal accountabilities:

The job holder reports directly to the Operations Supervisor.  The job holder operates CHS (Electrical) on location in a professional, competent and safe manner in order to satisfy the client’s requirements.
Decision making Authority/Level of Supervision Required:
Allocated workscope by Operations Supervisor. On job discussions based on experience and in accordance with company procedures and policies.

(Who are the job holder’s most important contacts and for what purpose? Consider both external and internal contacts, excluding immediate supervisor and subordinates, but including personnel at other locations , if appropriate)

Operations Supervisor – prioritisation / allocation of workload.
Job Challenges:

(Identify the most complex or demanding aspects of the job)

To work independently in remote locations.  To be available for work at short notice.
Job Knowledge and Qualifications:

(Indicate minimum knowledge and essential background qualifications necessary to perform the job competently)


(Technical skills, behavioural competencies, specialized  training or Defined Competencies as outlined in Expro Competence & Training System)


Expro has delivered a Code of Conduct (‘the Code’) which will help guide you in your job and ensure that employees and the Company comply with the law.  The incumbent must read, understand and comply with the Code as well as the more detailed rules contained in supporting directives and policies.  Please refer to the Expro Intranet to access details of the full Code of Conduct.  If you do not have intranet access please refer to your Supervisor who will assist you with access.

The incumbent must be aware that failure to comply with the Code, or indeed any of the Company Policies, Standards, Procedures or Processes may lead to Disciplinary action.

Compliance Control Position – Yes / No (must be completed – please delete as appropriate)

A position will automatically be considered as a Compliance Control position if it is the following:

·          Director, Manager or Officer Grade 1-3.

·          Senior positions within Legal / Contracts, Finance, HR, Asset Management, Sales or Business Development.

·          Country Managers, Senior Sales and Marketing personnel.


High Exposure Position – Yes / No (must be completed – please delete as appropriate)

A position may be considered High Exposure if it involves the following duties and responsibilities:

·          Work in the Legal / Contracts department, Finance, HR, Asset Management, Sales or Business Development.

·          Review of contracts, negotiation of contracts or agreements with third parties.

·          Responsibility or shared responsibility for Internal Controls.

·          Regular interaction or management or interaction of relationships with government officials, agents or government service providers.

·          Supervisory functions, in particular, supervision of other employees who work in or frequently travel to high risk* countries.

·          Anyone with responsibility over the sale and disposition of assets.

·          Anyone with approval authority over Company expenditures in a high risk* country.

* refer to Expro Intranet for list of high risk countries.

Job Features

Job CategoryBusiness
Job CategoryFeature description
Job TypeFeature description
Working ExperienceMinimum 5 years oilfield experience
Educational LevelDegree/HND in field Engineering
Salary RangeNegotiable
QualificationMembership of a Professional body will be an advantage

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